Sneaker laundry Menu


Once Over

Exterior Surface (excludes under sole)



Deep Dive

Exterior surface, lace’s and tongue washed and inset stains removed


Deep Dive +

Applies to any shoe requiring special care:

(Includes intricate detail, delicate materials e.g. all suede,

heavily soiled or stubborn stains)

*Customer will be notified*


 The 'Pristine' Clean

All of the above plus under sole, internal lining,

insole & deodorising (includes UV light treatment)



Add Protect spray to any clean

Complete protection that repels all types of liquid & dirt



Collections & returns take place across the

following area’s only on Tuesdays & Fridays:

D2, D4, D6, D6W, D14 &D16

Note: Orders must be submitted by 12 noon the day

prior in order to qualify for next day collection


Schedule a collection here 


Corporate Bookings & Events

€40 per hour per Sneaker Care Technician (Average pairs cleaned per hour: 6)

Note: Minimum spend may apply depending on requirements


Make an event booking inquiry here